Changes to this blog are coming.

My whole life I wanted to go to sea.

I was brainwashed by stories of how boys went to sea and came back men, how the navy transformed and built young boys into something amazing. Plus, I really, really, really, REALLY love sailing.

I was so dazzled by this pathetic dream of curing everything wrong in my life with salt water, that I joined the fucking navy. I joined the fucking navy.

Just mere days before I was due to ship out (ha) to the induction and basic training, I had a horrific spinal injury. Talk about fate intervening. Two of my lowest vertebrae were fucked in a brief scuba diving accident. I spent a year in acute, screaming agony, with barely a breath of respite, before the inflammation of the surrounding tissues began to abate and a physiotherapy and osteopathic treatment could take root. Least said about that time the better. Hey, did you know walking upright is actually a privilege?

The point is, while I have always been writing shit on the internet (see the About Me section), I was doing so before in a nautical-themed blog which I created entirely with handwritten html code. And then AFTER this spinal injury, and AFTER becoming a pacifist and denouncing the navy and all militarism, I began this new blog in 2012. Hence the title, Andrew’s New Blog. And I gave up on the nautical themes, focusing more on content than style.

I had all of the usual grand plans to write amazing things here daily, and they never worked out of course. But other amazing things worked out here, such as the opportunity to write longwinded ranting essays about my favourite films, and receive interesting and stimulating feedback on them. Doing things this way from 2012 til just now, in 2019, has got me to One Hundred Thousand readers.

100,000 readers. Holy. Shit. Thank you all for dropping by.

Nowadays though, my thoughts turn once more to the old ways.

2012-2019 was the Era of Procrastination. In all these years I’ve only published a dozen essays. I have drafts saved for this blog of essays that I wrote in 2012 and have still not fucking published because they aren’t quite ‘done’ yet. Now it’s 2019, and I’ve cracked the 100,000 mark, I think I would like to have somewhere to write shorter, more intimate thoughts with much more immediacy. And I can’t bring myself to create a NEW new blog. “Andrew’s New New Blog” sounds a bit silly. No, this was the right idea all along. This blog will be forever new, meaning, it will need to occasionally be refreshed to keep up.

And so, this one will simply be getting a whole lot more content (with a whole lot less editing; you’re welcome, universe), and all of my *cough* dedicated readers can simply deal with the change.