My 2019 Ranking of the Bond Films

Well, friends, there has been an upset. This ranking follows my previous inaugural ranking from 2018.

1. Goldeneye (no change)
2. The Living Daylights (no change)
3. Skyfall (no change) 
4. From Russia With Love (+19!)
5. The Man With The Golden Gun (-1)
6. Tomorrow Never Dies (no change)
7. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (+1)
8. Casino Royale (-1)
9. The Spy Who Loved Me (+1)

10. Spectre (-1)
11. Quantum of Solace (no change)
12. Moonraker (-7)
13. License To Kill (-1)
14. Die Another Day (+1)
15. The World Is Not Enough (+3)
16. Goldfinger (+5)

17. Octopussy (-4)
18. A View To A Kill (-4)
19. Live And Let Die (-3)
20. Never Say Never Again (unofficial) (-3)
21. Casino Royale (1967 spoof) (new)
22. You Only Live Twice (-3)
23. Dr No. (-3)
24. For Your Eyes Only (-2)
25. Thunderball (-1)
26. Diamonds Are Forever. (-1, but still the worst by a long, long way. This movie is poop).


Connery makes a return! On closer inspection, I realised that From Russia With Love has a lot of great stuff in it. It shoots way up the charts into the top third. Goldfinger also, while paced poorly, and badly, badly dated, has lots of stuff in it that is *interesting* to watch or listen to. For example, the ejector seat. The way they shot that car chase where Bond crashes his car because of his own reflection.

Moore has his average shot to heck by dropping Moonraker from a very high spot down to 12. When re-watching it recently, I realised it is only good when you have a lot of people around to laugh at it with. When you watch it on its own, it’s just excruciating. The Man With The Golden Gun, though, I will continue to back! It’s great!

Craig, Dalton, and Lazenby are virtually untouched, but all four of Brosnan’s have been given a boost or remained very high – there is just something so great about the period his films were made. The optimism for the internet and technology in that age of the late-nineties-early-noughts made these films really cool. And Brosnan is just gooooooood to watch. He is a man oiled with just the right amount of cologne to be Bond, and I enjoy him a great deal, even when trying to pull off those awful scripts. I watched a bunch of Bonds lately, capped off with Goldeneye, and it really, really, really is the best damn one. Such a good movie.

Note: The places where the best, middle, and worst thirds break down has been moved slightly.

Note: For comparison, the 1967 Casino Royale unofficial spoof has been added to the list along with the unofficial Never Say Never Again.

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